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'Peaceful Impressions'

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Finding Peace - Where are We?

Peace River Region

The Peace River Region spans both northern British Columbia and northern Alberta, Canada. It is a region of farms and forests, rivers and lakes, warm Chinook Winds and dazzling Northern Lights. I'm more familiar with the BC portion, specifically the 'South Peace'. I live about fifteen miles north of Dawson Creek, historically an agricultural city and the starting point of the Alaska Highway. But not far to the north is Fort St John, a bustling city where oil and gas are the mainstay. A bit further west is Chetwynd and between Chetwynd and Fort St John lies Hudson Hope, sparkling like a jewel in the Peaceful crown. Then there's Tumbler Ridge and a hundred other, smaller spots with names like Progress, Sunrise Valley and Sunset Prairie. So many vistas, so many interesting people and stories.
It's not hard to find good photo opportunities here... it's hard to keep up with them!